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My Money Story for Marketplace Weekend: The tale of how I don’t fit into the “IKEA spirit.” (Marketplace) 



Rodeo City: Pendleton has built its identity around a dogged loyalty to tradition (Oregon Humanities)

Dumpstering for Christ: Touring Portland’s dumpsters with a man named Holy Diver (Portland Mercury)

The Straight Shooter: An exit-interview with long-time Portland politician Randy Leonard (Portland Monthly)

The Life and Death of Jack Dale Collins: What We Now Know About the Homeless Man Shot by Portland Police. (Portland Mercury)


Issue Editor: Portland Mercury Bike Issue in 2009, 2010 (Bikes Work!) and 2011 (The Republican’s Guide to Bicycling)

Chapter Author: “Bikes Work: The Development and Impact of Portland’s Bike Businesses” in On Bicycles (New World Library, 2011)

Steelin’ Wheels: How Bike Theft Works in Portland. (Momentum)

Molly Cameron: The world’s best transgender bike racer just wants to do her own damn thing. (Portland Mercury)

Full Cycle: Upstart Portland Bike Builders Reinvent a Craft (Portland Mercury)

Sex and Gender

Issue Editor: Portland Mercury Sex Issue 2012 (Sex! It Makes Babies.)

Portland Mercury Columnist: Sexual Politics 

Chapter Author: “Lucky Breaks and Little Miracles” in Get Out of My Crotch (Cherry Bomb Books, 2013)

Sex From Scratch: The sex and relationships blog for my upcoming book.

State of Choice: Christian-backed pregnancy centers help desperate women in Oregon, but won’t discuss birth control or abortion. Should pro-choicers let ’em be? (Portland Mercury)

We Have Enough Humans, Thanks! Why Twentysomethings are Redefining the Family and Nixing the Kids. (Portland Mercury)


Questioning Freedom: FBI Keeps Tabs on Seattle Filipino Activists (The Stranger)

A Tale of Two Workers: Inside Portland’s Controversial New Day Labor Hiring Center (Portland Mercury)

Obama Youth: How One of Iowa’s All-Important Undecided Young Voters Made Up Her Mind at the Very Last Minute (The Stranger)

The Dead Freeway Society: Portland Progress Comes from the Roads Not Built. (Portland Mercury)

We Built this City: Portland’s Posh South Waterfront has Everything but People. (Portland Mercury)

Vintage Neon: In Portland, the electric signs of an old motel strip create identity for a transitional neighborhood (Preservation Nation)


Blogtown, PDX: The news, arts, and culture blog of The Portland Mercury
From 2008 to 2013, I wrote two to three blog posts a day about people and news in Portland:
Cancelling my Bank of America Account Took Nine Minutes
This House is not Haunted.
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Bitch: Feminist response to pop culture.
Beaker Bitch, my three-month column about science in the media:
Snip It Good: U.S. Mulls Making Circumcisions Routine
Money Meets Maternity: Cash for Your Eggs.
Science Says: Yay for Vibrators!

PubliCola: A Seattle politics, news and culture blog.
Nerd Nerd, my weekly essay about my nerdy personal life:
Geodesic Dome Date
The Fix-Em-Up Plan

Guantanamo Voices: Detailing day-by-day a roadtrip across England with an ex-Guantanamo guard and a van full of former detainees.
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