about me

Sarah Mirk

I am a Portland, Oregon-based editor and writer interested in most things, including primarily sexual politics, media, and history. Since January 2013, I’ve been the online editor at Bitch Media, where I write and edit daily feminist articles and host the twice-monthly radio podcast Popaganda.  I’ve also worked as a staff writer for weekly newspapers The Portland Mercury and The Stranger and have published work in various magazines (including Portland Monthly, Oregon Humanities, and Symbolia). I also write, draw, and edit nonfiction comics. My nontraditional guidebook to relationships Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules was published in August 2014.

The Portland Tribune did a laughably kind profile of me a few years ago and Portland comics collective Gridlords once called me the “hardest working woman in Portland.” The Yale Daily News recently ran my photo under the headline “Bitches Get Stuff Done.

Feel free to get in touch about anything, anytime.

EMAIL: mirk.sarah@gmail.com

TWITTER: @sarahmirk