Writing Clips


The Dramatic History of American Sex-Ed Films: How politics have shaped one of the biggest educational tools in our nation. (Bitch)
– Featured in the 2016 National Geographic documentary Original Sin.

Who Are the Women Voting for Trump? Seventy percent of American women say they’d never vote for Trump. So what about that other 30? (Bitch)

An Interview with Kathleen Hanna on the Strength It Takes to Get Onstage: The influential musician talks about riot grrrl and her new band. (Bitch)

The Brilliant Sadness of Bojack Horseman: The subversive TV show brings a rare discussion of depression and failure to the small screen. (Bitch)

Rodeo City: Pendleton has built its identity around a dogged loyalty to tradition (Oregon Humanities)

State of Choice: Christian-backed pregnancy centers help desperate women in Oregon, but won’t discuss birth control or abortion. Should pro-choicers let ’em be? (Portland Mercury)

We Have Enough Humans, Thanks! Why Twentysomethings are Redefining the Family and Nixing the Kids. (Portland Mercury)

Dumpstering for Christ: Touring Portland’s dumpsters with a man named Holy Diver (Portland Mercury)

The Straight Shooter: An exit-interview with long-time Portland politician Randy Leonard (Portland Monthly)

The Dead Freeway Society: Portland Progress Comes from the Roads Not Built. (Portland Mercury)


Questioning Freedom: FBI Keeps Tabs on Seattle Filipino Activists (The Stranger)

Portland Mercury Columnist: Sexual Politics

Guantanamo Voices: Detailing day-by-day a roadtrip across England with an ex-Guantanamo guard and a van full of former detainees.
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