Special Editing Projects


I sometimes take on editing projects if they’re work I find interesting and important. If you’re interested in having me edit your writing, drop me a line.

Here are some examples of editing work I’ve done:

• I edited the collection of essays by political cartoonist Matt Bors featured in his book, Life Begins at Incorporation.

• I edited the series Oregon History Comics, which details marginalized stories from Oregon’s Past. The project included interviewing primary sources, writing the comics, working with historians to fact-check the stories, and coordinating artists.

• I edited several special issues of the Portland Mercury, seen below.


The perception of people who bike in Portland is that we’re all a lot of unemployed young folks. I decided to focus this entire issue on the vital role bikes play in Portland’s economy. The theme became Bikes Work and the issue profiled people who use bikes for their jobs, from the badass bike racer and activist Molly Cameron to grizzled dock workers who get to and from welding gigs on cruiser bikes. WPA-style bike propaganda posters pulled together the cohesive feel of the issue.


One thing that’s always bothered me about the perception of bikes—in everywhere from public policy to Portlandia—is they’re seen as a trivial, just-for-fun cause. That’s why I decided to create The Republican’s Guide to Bicycling which points out that bikes are the most cost-effective way to get around and, really, car drivers are being heavily subsidized by the federal government. I had a lot of fun with this issue.


waronwomen - matt bors

I edited the Portland Mercury‘s annual Sex Issue in 2012 and focused the whole issue on the theme of contraception. The issue was far from dull, with articles about the science of male contraception, a first-person story about being a childhood anti-abortion protester, and this collaborative comic I made with Matt Bors about the history of Oregon’s own war on women.


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